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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Your access and the right to use this site are subject to the following terms and conditions.


By the access and use of this site, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


Until and unless otherwise declared, the contents of this website that includes, the text and images, contained here and their arrangement and appearance are the sole property of Eweblines. Respective owners hold the property rights to all the trademarks that have been used or referred to in this particular website.


Nothing contained in this website shall be interpreted as conferred to by implication, any license or authorization to any copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary interest of Eweblines or third party. This website and the content appearing in this website, including images, buttons, audio, video, html codes and textual content, should not be imitated, posted or reproduced, republished for distribution, uploaded or circulated in any manner, without the aforementioned written approval of Eweblines, except that you might download, display or print a copy of content on any single PC only for your personal and non-commercial usage. You must not try to modify the material by any means and all trademarks, copyrights and other proprietary notices must be kept unharmed and intact.


The information appearing on this site is free of cost and for informational uses only and does not generate a business or professional association between you and Eweblines. Links on this particular website may lead you to services or websites not administered or endorsed by Eweblines. Eweblines takes no responsibility or makes any warranty or judgment for such websites or services. The information that appears on this site and the uses you make of it is at your own risks and perils.


In no circumstance, will Eweblines be legally responsible or accountable to any individual or business for any direct, indirect, personal, subsidiary, special, consequential, or other damages (including, not limited to, lost profits and revenues, business and production interruption, programs or data loss) that is arising out of or in relation to this website, any content on this site or accessed through this website or any usage.


Eweblines maintains this website in Kolkata, India and you agree that these terms and conditions and any legal and lawful action or proceeding concerning this website shall be governed by the laws of India without reference to its option of law system. If you try to bring any legal actions against Eweblines, you specifically admit that Eweblines is free to decide the jurisdiction of our choice as to where such proceeding might be held. As you have agreed to opt the laws of India to administer any such actions, we will in all probability decide to defend any such proceeding in Kolkata, India and we can make this choice exclusively as it suited to us, without consideration to where your location is in this world, or from where you visited our website. You comply with the fact that the appropriate court(s) in Kolkata, India, will have the full and exclusive jurisdiction to give verdict and resolve all legal matters and disputes that might arise under these terms and conditions.


You are accountable to agree with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction while accessing this particular website and you agree that you will not make use of the information on this site in infringement of such laws and regulations. Any information you submit through this website shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary. You confirm that you have the legal right to submit that information and comply with the fact that you will not put forward any information unless legally allowed. Given the nature of the Internet, we advocate that you should not submit any information that you deem confidential.


Eweblines does not entertain unofficial submissions of ideas outside of known and established industry relationships. To safeguard the interests of our current customers and ourselves, we treat the matter of such submissions with utmost care. Importantly, without a direct professional relationship, Eweblines cannot and does not consider any such submissions in assurance. For that reason, you are requested not to communicate unofficial submissions to Eweblines. Any idea disclosed to Eweblines outside a prior and confidential industry relationship is not confidential and Eweblines may, as a result, build up, use and freely divulge similar ideas without compensating you. Eweblines will make every rational attempt to return or obliterate any unofficial submissions without exhaustive review of those. However, if an assessment is urgent in Eweblines’ sole discretion, it will be with the acceptance that Eweblines assumes no compulsion to shield the privacy of your idea or recompense you for its disclosure. By submitting an idea to Eweblines through this site, you must agree to be bound by the requisites of this declared policy.